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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus


Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Written and Edited by Jerry Suddeth, DVM Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHV, RHDV) is a very contagious, fatal, reportable foreign animal disease that as of December 2021 has been reported in Kentucky.  This virus infects both domestic and wild rabbits.   RHDV [...]

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus2022-01-11T11:23:38-05:00



Ranaviruses Kristin Claricoates, DVM Overview Ranaviruses are viruses belong to the Iridoviridae family and the genus Ranavirus.  Occasionally, amphibian ranaviruses are called iridoviruses rather than ranaviruses (which are different from the insect viruses called Iridovirus; insect iridovirus is not a ranavirus). Some of the isolates of [...]


Metabolic Bone Disease Care


Metabolic Bone Disease Care Home care for green iguanas and other reptiles with secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidismInitially I wrote this send home sheet for Green Iguanas since they were the ones I most often saw with this problem. Of course many more species are effected by this [...]

Metabolic Bone Disease Care2020-11-11T15:01:09-05:00

Heating Reptile Enclosures


Heating Reptile Enclosures Paul Gibbons, DVM  ABVP Avian and Reptile One of the most important aspects of reptile care is temperature maintenance. Although reptiles are commonly thought to be “cold blooded”, a study of iguanas in the South American rain forest found that daily body temperatures [...]

Heating Reptile Enclosures2020-11-11T14:57:03-05:00

General Tortoise Husbandry


General Tortoise Husbandry By Phillippe De Vosjoli Photos and edited by Susan Horton, DVM Husbandry factors are a common cause of many of the health problems affecting tortoises. Addressing husbandry issues is a critical component of the veterinary treatment of these popular animals. Tortoises are members [...]

General Tortoise Husbandry2020-11-11T14:55:26-05:00

Common Health Problems (Turtles and Tortoises)


Common Health Problems (Turtles and Tortoises) ​Susan Horton, DVM So many of the health problems we see with turtles and tortoise are related to improper environment or feeding.  Please research your specific breed’s requirements carefully.  I recommend UVB light for all turtles and tortoises. Pictured [...]

Common Health Problems (Turtles and Tortoises)2020-11-11T14:53:33-05:00

General Care of Aquatic Turtles


General Care of Aquatic Turtles Shannon RW Brandl, CVT and Susan Horton, DVMPhotos and edited by Susan Horton, DVMIntroductionAquatic turtles are very common as pets. Unfortunately they are also more difficult to care for than most people realize. Often times, inadequate care results in various health [...]

General Care of Aquatic Turtles2020-11-11T14:51:45-05:00

Diet For Sulcata Tortoises


Diet For Sulcata Tortoises Photos and edited by Susan Horton, DVM What you feed your Sulcata is critical to its health and development Sulcata tortoises evolved to deal with life in a semi-arid environment, where the only food available for much of the year is dry [...]

Diet For Sulcata Tortoises2020-11-11T14:47:54-05:00

Sulcata Care (African Spur Thighed Tortoise, Centrochelys sulcata)


Sulcata Care (African Spur Thighed Tortoise, Centrochelys sulcata) Erica Mede, CVT Photos and edited by Susan Horton, DVM Natural History Sulcatas are found along the southern edge of the Sahara in Africa and created large burrows and tunnels during the dry season to escape the heat [...]

Sulcata Care (African Spur Thighed Tortoise, Centrochelys sulcata)2020-11-11T14:46:06-05:00


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