Zinc Toxicity


Zinc Toxicity Kristin Claricoates, DVM  Zinc is required in small amounts for an animal to function well.  However animals sometimes eat inappropriate items that may have high levels of Zinc.  Things found around the house that may be high in zinc include: batteries, automotive parts, paint, [...]

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Your Overly Reproductive Female Bird


Your Overly Reproductive Female Bird by  Susan Horton, DVM A Lecture From Dr. Horton On Reproductive Female Psitticines The Reproductive Female Introduction Today’s talk will lightly cover the basic female avian anatomy, then discuss some of the problems associated with that anatomy.  In the end [...]

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Wing Trims


Wing Trims What is a wing trim?  A wing trim involves cutting one to a few feathers from each wing to decrease your bird’s flight potential. It is not a way to completely stop your bird from flying. What can I expect from a [...]

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What to Feed Your Pet Bird


What to Feed Your Pet Bird By E.R. Bennett, DVM Virtually all new-bird owners feed their birds a seed diet (sometimes supplemented with vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, and other table food treats). This diet represents a starvation ration and these birds are suffering from [...]

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Weaning Baby Birds


Weaning Baby Birds by Pat PecoraWeaning is a gradual process in which babies learn to eat on their own.  Each baby is an individual so there is no set time table or schedule in which to wean, but rather something that is done at the chick’s [...]

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Unsafe Plants for Birds


Unsafe Plants for Birds Harmful Plants (first source) Amaryllis – bulbs American Yew Avocado Azalea – leaves Balsam Pear – seeds, outer rind of fruit Baneberry – berries, root Bird of Paradise – seeds Black Locust – bark, sprouts, foliage Blue-green Algae – some forms [...]

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Territorial Aggression


Territorial Aggression Psittacine aggression is one of the more serious of behavioral problems for pet bird owners. The strong jaws and hooked bill of parrots can inflict serious pain and do substantial damage to the owners. Aggression in parrots takes the form of biting [...]

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