Polyoma Virus


 Polyoma Virus by Susan Horton, DVMHistoryFirst described as Budgerigar fledgling disease in 1981, was called papovavirusIt is a nonencapsulated DNA particleAvian polyoma viruses are apparently worldwide, but presentation of the disease is different between speciesEffects Budgerigars, nonbudgerigar psittacines, finches and gallinaceous speciesClinical Features BudgerigarsFeather abnormalities: reduced formation [...]

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Instructions for Physical Therapy in Birds


Instructions for Physical Therapy in Birds Kenneth Welle, DVM, AVBP (avian) The goals of physical therapy are to minimize the loss of range of motion (ROM), prevent changes in soft tissue flexibility, improve muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance.   In addition physical therapy can serve [...]

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Parrot Precautions


Parrot Precautions Thank you to our friend Pat Pecora for these helpful suggestions Written by Carolyn Swicegood Email: Carolyn@landofvos.com Eclectus website: www.landofvos.com ​FOODS that are dangerous to parrots include avocado, including guacamole, chocolate or cocoa, alcohol, caffeine, mushrooms, the pits of apricots, peaches, plums, prunes, and  seeds of [...]

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Macaw Care


Macaw Care Erica Mede, CVT Natural History There are 17 species of these large hook billed parrots found throughout Central and South America rain forest canopies.  The largest macaw is the Hyacinth and the smallest mini macaw is the Hahn’s macaw.  Macaws typically are broken down [...]

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McWatters Diet (Homemade Mash)


McWatters Diet (Homemade Mash) Fresh and Natural Mash Dietby Alicia McWatters, M.S.We all want the best for our birds, and nutrition plays a vital role in their health, happiness, reproduction, and longevity. Whether we own birds for the pleasure of their companionship as pets, of for [...]

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Lead Poisoning


Lead Poisoning Kristin Claricoates, DVM Animals sometimes eat inappropriate items that may have high levels of lead.  Things found around the house that may be high in lead include paint, linoleum, grease, lead weights, and lead shot.  Sometimes owners may also unintentionally feed plants that are contaminated by [...]

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Healthy Shopping for your Birds


Healthy Shopping for your Birds Listed below are some nutritious foods for you to incorporate into your family member’s diet.  Nutrition plays a major role in the health and longevity of any animal.  Keep in mind that moderation and variety are the keys to offering a complete, well-balanced [...]

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Handfeeding Baby Parrots


Handfeeding Baby Parrots Here are several links to informative videos on how to hand feed Baby birds: Neonate Harrison’s formula feeding First Feeding Video Eyes Still Shut video I will continue posting good videos as I find them! [...]

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General Parrot Care


General Parrot Care Erica Mede, CVT (African Grey Parrots and Other Parrots) Parrots have been kept in captivity for generation as a fashionable home accessory.  Recent generations have kept these feathered mimics for their intelligence and their companionship.  The longevity of most species allows owners and [...]

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