Ferrets and Foxes


Ferret and Fox Care Here is a good link for ferret information: www.ferretcentral.org Preventing Adrenal Disease By Exams Every January Recent research indicates that there are annual treatments that can significantly reduce the risk of your ferret contracting this serious disease. We strongly recommend an annual examination every January [...]

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Caiman Care (Caiman crocodilus) by Erica Mede, CVT Spectacled Caimans, also called White or Common Caimans, have become one of the most popular crocodilians kept in captivity due to their smaller size and availability. In the state of Illinois caimans are classified as dangerous by to a Supreme Court [...]




Nine Banded Armadillo Care (Dasypus novecinctus) by ​Erica Mede, CVT In The Works!! Natural History ​The nine banded armadillo, also called the long nose armadillo or simply nine bands, are native to South America , Central America , and a large portion of North America .  They are expanding their home range territory up the north east [...]


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