Hermit Crab Care


Hermit Crab Care By: Kristin Valdes, DVM Hermit crabs are fascinating pets that, despite their names, are very social.  They are also a pet that requires a lot of work and care.  If you are interested in a hermit crab, consider finding books at your library [...]

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Koi Care (Cyprinus carpio)


Koi Care (Cyprinus carpio) Dr. Kristin Claricoates, DVM Natural history Koi originated as domesticated versions of the common carp.  The common carp’s natural habitat is wide in range, including Asia and Central Europe.  The common carp was domesticated and initially used as a food source due [...]

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Eel Care


Eel Care General Eel Care by Jonathon Bresolin, DVM General Information: Eels are a type of fish characterized by their long, serpentine bodies. Their caudal and anal fins, as well as their dorsal fins, are merged into a continuous fin that extends along around 2/3rds of [...]

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Aquarium Corals


Aquarium Corals by Ross Gottlieb, DVM The popularity of saltwater aquariums is undeniable, and one of the most attractive features of these systems is there ability to sustain beautiful and diverse corals. Corals are actually animals, and not plants. They are unable to make food for [...]

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How to Feed your Fish


How to Feed your Fish by ​Susan Horton, DVM What is proper fish feeding? To successfully keep fish as a hobby you must learn to feed your fish the right type of food and the right QUANTITY of food. If you “overfeed” your fish the ammonia level [...]

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Cleaning your Freshwater Aquarium


Cleaning your Freshwater Aquarium by Susan Horton, DVM Why should you clean your aquarium? No matter what type of filtration you have, you will need to regularly clean your aquarium. In a balanced, stable aquarium uneaten food or fish waste turns into ammonia. “Good” bacteria then convert [...]

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Beginning a Freshwater Aquarium


Beginning a Freshwater Aquarium by ​Susan Horton, DVM Day 1- Set up the aquarium Adjust the water temperature to 76-80 degrees. Make sure it stays in this area for 24 hours. De-chlorinate and condition the water with chemicals Confirm that all equipment is running correctly by letting [...]

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Freshwater Tropical Fish Care


Freshwater Tropical Fish Care by All Creatures Vet Hospital Preventative Medicine for Pet FishIn terrestrial veterinary practice “preventive medicine” is often erroneously considered synonymous with vaccination and “deworming” schedules. Of course, preventive medicine encompasses much more, including provision of proper nutrition, maintenance of a healthy environment, [...]

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