Visible Tumors in Rodents


Visible Tumors in Rodents Rodent Tumors Visible to Owners Kristin Claricoates, DVM   Mammary tumors: Mammary gland neoplasia (cancer) is the most common neoplasm of mice and rats, but is rare in gerbils and hamsters.  Mammary tumors are typically large, firm, and usually only one tumor on [...]

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Health Problems with Rats


Health Problems with Rats ​by Maggie Wood, DVM All photos and edited by Susan Horton, DVM Respiratory infections are one of the most common health problems of rats.  They can be caused by a variety of bacteria and viruses.  Symptoms that may be seen include increased respiratory [...]

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Rat Care (Rattus norvegicus)


Rat Care (Rattus norvegicus) ​by Jessi O’Connell, CVTPhotos and edited by Susan Horton, DVMGeneral CharacteristicsPet rats are of the species Rattus norvegicus.  These nocturnal rodents are characterized by elongated bodies, short fur, small eyes and ears, and hairless tails. Pet Fancy rats come in six different [...]

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Odontomas Kristin Claricoates, DVM Odontomas are considered hamartomas in that they are composed of normal tissue arranged in an abnormal fashion. They occur in young animals during development of the permanent teeth. The exception to this is the rat, in which odontomas may occur at any age.  Odontomas [...]


Mice Care (Mus musculus)


Mice Care (Mus musculus) by Susan Leck, DVM, Dipl ABVP-canine & feline Edited by Susan Horton, DVM Domestic mice, Mus musculus, are primarily raised in captivity for the pet trade and as food for reptiles.  They are available in colors from white and tan to brown and [...]

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Diabetic Hamster Diet


Diabetic Hamster Diet High Ketones, High Glucose On Urine Dipstick Treat with a hypoglycemic such as fenugreek seeds/powder -up to 400 mg or 25 seeds are safe or Diabogen powder.. Use 50/50 Pedialyte/Water solution in water bottle. High protein, high fiber, low diet High Ketones, Low [...]

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Hamster Care


Hamster Care by ​Susan Horton, DVMHamsters are rodents that were initially introduced into the United States for research purposes and have gained popularity as pocket pets. The Syrian hamster, which originated in Rumania, Bulgaria, and Asia Minor includes the common reddish brown hamster and the longhaired teddy [...]

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Veggies For Guinea Pigs


Veggies For Guinea Pigs Listed below are some nutritious foods for you to incorporate into your family member’s diet.  Nutrition plays a major role in the health and longevity of any animal.  Keep in mind that moderation and variety are the keys to offering a complete, well-balanced [...]

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