Baby Hedgehog (Hoglet) Care


Baby Hedgehog (Hoglet) Care Written by: Dr. Justine Hammond, DVM Help!  My new hedgehog just gave birth unexpectedly! Lately, Chicago Exotics has received numerous calls and office visits due to unplanned births in recently purchased female hedgehogs.  I would like to share some information on what to [...]

Baby Hedgehog (Hoglet) Care2020-09-02T13:22:16-05:00

Hedgehog Care ​(African)


Hedgehog Care ​(African) Susan Horton, DVM Most of the hedgehogs that are kept in the United States as pets are from Africa. Their origin is the African Savanna, though none are brought in from the wild anymore. Most African pygmy hedgehogs, (Atelerix spp.) available are [...]

Hedgehog Care ​(African)2020-09-02T13:20:43-05:00


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