Puppy Care


Responsible Puppy Care Starts With Your First Visit to Crestwood Animal Hospital Everybody loves puppies, and we are no exception! But puppies can require a lot of work and care—and it’s important to understand what they need. Puppy vaccines and parasite prevention are critical, and we highly recommend beginning [...]

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Kitten Care


Responsible Kitten Care Starts With Your First Visit to Crestwood Animal Hospital Watching kittens play is an amazing and humorous experience. As with most animal companions, kittens need extra attention to start their life off right so that they become healthy, well-adjusted adult cats. A thorough exam and series [...]

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Pet Dental Care


Pet Dental Care: A Crucial Part of Your Pet’s Good Health When it comes to dental care for pets, there are many similarities with humans. For instance, the kinds of foods that are consumed have a lot to do with the kind of dental health that results. That’s why [...]

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Senior Pet Care


Senior Pet Care: A Different Approach for Our Older Friends As we get older, most of us will begin to develop medical problems and health challenges that require extra attention. Our pets are no different. Like us, they are constantly aging—and at a pace much faster than what humans [...]

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Pet Wellness


Partnering With You to Ensure Your Pet’s Good Health We know many of our clients think of their pets as members of the family and want to do their best to take care of them. Many things are obvious, such as proper food, cleanliness, and shelter. Learning more about [...]

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Pet Vaccinations


Pet Vaccinations: One of the Most Important Things You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Healthy Vaccinations are one of the most important tools available to our clients to help ensure the health of their pets. Vaccines work by triggering a protective immune response that can help fight infections [...]

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