Learning to Use the Litter Box


Learning to Use the Litter Box House Rabbit Society Miami , FL (305) 666- BUNN Spay or Neuter:  The First Step The most important thing to remember is that your rabbit is very unlikely to retain reliable litter box habits upon reaching sexual maturity unless she is spayed [...]

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What To Feed Your Rabbit


What To Feed Your Rabbit House Rabbit Society Miami , FL (305) 666- BUNN edited by Susan Horton, DVM What should I feed my bunny? Plenty of exercise and a proper diet will help keep your rabbit happy and healthy for life!  A rabbit is a [...]

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Training Your Bunny


Training Your Bunny House Rabbit Society Miami , FL (305) 666- BUNN Obedience Training We have to be honest with you.  Rabbits cannot generally be obedience trained the way dogs can.  This does not mean rabbits are stupid!  On the contrary, a rabbit may understand very [...]

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Complete Rabbit Care


Complete Rabbit Care ​by Jessica NuccioRabbits can be wonderful companions when you take the time to understand them.  They are different than most other pets because of their natural history as a prey animal.  The wild rabbit is pursued by all manner of predators, and antenna-like [...]

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Healthy Shopping for Rabbits


Healthy Shopping for Rabbits Listed below are some nutritious foods for you to incorporate into your family member’s diet.  Nutrition plays a major role in the health and longevity of any animal.  Keep in mind that moderation and variety are the keys to offering a [...]

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